San Antonio Jazz Music History Lesson: 1920’s

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September 6, 2012
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September 12, 2012
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San Antonio Jazz Music History Lesson: 1920’s

As African Americans migrated away from the Deep South to northern cities like Chicago and New York in search of better opportunities, they took jazz and the blues with them. During this time period, many young Americans were disheartened by the chaos and loss of life predicated by World War I and began to challenge the old-fashioned beliefs of their parents. Music often plays a role in youthful uprisings, as was the case here. Listening and dancing to high-spirited jazz and blues became part of their rebellion. Young women, known as “flappers,” shocked society by cutting their hair and wearing shorter dresses.

Because the 1920’s were a time of rapid economic growth, people had excess money to spend on entertainment and household goods. For the first time radios and record players were widely available in stores. Jazz went from being played almost exclusively in New Orleans honky-tonks to America’s airwaves, dance halls and living rooms.

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