San Antonio Jazz Music History Lesson: 1970’s

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September 20, 2012
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September 27, 2012
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San Antonio Jazz Music History Lesson: 1970’s

In the 1970’s jazz fusion became all of the rage. It was developed by combining jazz improvisation with rock rhythms, electric instruments, and the highly amplified stage sound of rock musicians such as Jimi Hendrix. Although jazz purists protested the blend of jazz and rock, some of jazz’s significant innovators crossed over from the contemporary “hard bop” scene into fusion. Jazz fusion music often uses mixed meters, odd time signatures, syncopation, and complex chords and harmonies.  Miles Davis was perhaps the most notable performer of jazz fusion during the era.

In the mid-1970’s, jazz funk became popular. The music was characterized by a strong back beat, electrified sounds and, often, the presence of early electronic analog synthesizers. The integration of funk, soul and R&B music into jazz resulted in the creation of a genre whose spectrum is extremely wide and ranges from strong jazz improvisation to soul, funk or disco with jazz arrangements, riffs, solos, and sometimes soul vocals.

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