San Antonio Jazz Music History Lesson: 1980’s to Present Day

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September 25, 2012
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October 2, 2012
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San Antonio Jazz Music History Lesson: 1980’s to Present Day

In 1987, the US House of Representatives and Senate passed a bill that defined jazz as a unique form of American music stating “…that jazz is hereby designated as a rare and valuable national American treasure to which we should devote our attention, support and resources to make certain it is preserved, understood and promulgated.”

In the 1980’s, the jazz community shrank dramatically and split. A mainly older audience retained an interest in traditional styles. Wynton Marsalis created music that he believed was traditional, developing extensions of small and large forms initially pioneered by artists like Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington. In the 2000’s, traditional jazz continues to appeal to a core group of listeners.

In the United States, several musicians and groups explored the more experimental end of the spectrum. In addition, a number of new vocalists have achieved popularity with a mix of traditional jazz and pop/rock forms, with Norah Jones being one of the most popular.  

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