Questions to ask your San Antonio Wedding Musician, Part Two

Questions to ask your San Antonio Wedding Musician, Part One
November 20, 2012
San Antonio Wedding Musician: Holiday Wedding Music
November 27, 2012
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Questions to ask your San Antonio Wedding Musician, Part Two

Welcome back to Austin wedding music / San Antonio wedding music 101! In our last blog, we gave you a few questions to ask of your wedding musician as you and they begin to make music preparations for your wedding. As the process continues, you’ll want to check-in and update one another on the progress and any changes. Here are some questions to ask during that progression:

  • How are the music preparations coming along?
  • Are any pieces hard to find or difficult to master?
  • If you have a singer or other musicians, are rehearsals needed with them? If so, are the rehearsals scheduled yet?
  • Does the rehearsal need to be at the wedding location?
  • Does the musician think you have the right amount of music planned for the ceremony?
  • What concerns do they have?
  • What information do they need from you?
  • What will they need at the wedding location to perform?

If you’re planning an office event, chamber concert, wedding ceremony or special event that calls for professional Austin wedding musicians, San Antonio wedding musicians, Austin ceremony musicians or San Antonio ceremony musicians, please contact us so we can help. Our performances can range to include the trumpet, violin, cello, string quartet, and so much more! From traditional wedding music to contemporary choices, we provide the perfect setting for that special event.

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