Tips for Planning your San Antonio Wedding Music

Stress-Free Steps to Planning your San Antonio Wedding Music
December 4, 2012
San Antonio Wedding Musician: Order of a Catholic Wedding Mass
December 10, 2012
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Tips for Planning your San Antonio Wedding Music

Welcome back to Austin wedding music / San Antonio wedding music 101! In the last few blogs, we’ve discussed questions to ask your wedding musicians and ways to cut down on the stress of the planning process. Today we’re talking about some specific tips that may aid you during the process and remove those unexpected glitches before they even occur.

  • Turn over the music responsibilities to a close friend or family member. It’s your wedding day. You have enough to worry about without being burden with relatively small details about the music. Prior to the day of the wedding, ask a trusted friend or relative to take responsibility of overseeing the music on your special day. It’s one less thing for you to worry about.
  • Protect your musicians from the elements. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, be particularly mindful of your musicians. They need to be as sheltered as possible – whether from rain, sun or even soggy grass. They’ll do their best work if they can focus solely on their music.
  • Be mindful of electrical needs. If your musicians require a power source (amplification for guitars, for example), be certain that all preparations have been made in advance, particularly for an outdoor event.
  • Placement. Carefully consider where your musicians are placed – not just so they will be well-heard, but so they can see everything that is occurring. They need to have their eyes on the ceremony to ensure proper timing for all musical selections.
  • Share the details. Fill your musicians in on all of the specifics so there’s no guessing on the day of the event. How many bridesmaids are walking down the aisle? Is there a flower girl and ring bearer? How many parents will be seated?
  • Processional preference. Do you have a favorite point in the processional music during which time you want to be walking down the aisle? Make sure you talk it over with your musicians, so they can prepare.
  • Pre-ceremony congregating. If your friends and family are likely to mill around before the wedding, make sure they have reason to congregate in the area of the wedding musicians. You’ve taken a lot of time to choose your music, and you want to make sure everyone is present to enjoy it.
  • Know your location. Ask around to see what’s happening with other venues near your wedding location. Particularly if you’re having an outdoor event, you don’t want to compete with that restaurant next door that’s having a band playing during your ceremony.
  • Communicate. The secret to success for any relationship is communication, and it’s no different with your wedding musicians. Talk with them. Ask questions. Fill them in on all of the details, big or small. Never make any assumptions. You and they will be better off for it – and your wedding ceremony music will be amazing, as a result.

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