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November 27, 2012
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San Antonio Wedding Musician: Catholic Wedding Checklist

Welcome back to Austin wedding music / San Antonio wedding music 101!

When you’re planning a Catholic wedding, there are lots of details to line up. We’re providing you with a checklist to review as you make all of the big plans. It helps to start early, and you don’t want to leave one single detail unattended!

One Year Out (or earlier!)

  • Begin forming ideas and structure for the wedding.
  • Choose your date and time, acknowledging that you may need to have backups if your church is unavailable.
  • Pick your church location and priest to officiate the ceremony. The wedding typically takes place at the bride’s home parish.
  • Learn the marriage requirements of your church. You may need proof of baptism, communion and/or confirmation.
  • If one of you isn’t Catholic, check with your priest on requirements for intermarriage.
  • If you either you or your betrothed were previously married, you must have an annulment to be married in a Roman Catholic Church. The annulment paperwork should being immediately.

Nine to Eleven Months Out

  • Meet with your chosen priest to talk about the ceremony and its structure.
  • Pre-Cana (the Church’s required premarital preparation) must start
  • Discuss dress and ceremony requirements with your officiating priest.
  • Select bridal party members.

Six to Eight Months Out

  • Confirm with your church if you and/or any of the bridal party want to participate in Mass and receive communion prior to the wedding.
  • Start planning for invitations, programs and place cards.
  • Select the music and musicians for the ceremony.

Three to Four Months Out

  • Make decisions on who will be involved in the ceremony.
  • Plan decorative needs for the ceremony and reception – flowers, candles, stemware, etc.
  • Finalize your guest list and choose a location for the rehearsal dinner.
  • Contact your local diocese’s chancery office to get an application for receiving a Papal Blessing.

Two Months Out

  • Order your programs for the ceremony.
  • Have your notice of intention to wed (Banns) posted by your church.
  • Mail invitations.

Three to Four Weeks Out

  • Final meeting with your officiating priest.
  • Complete your vows and details for the ceremony.
  • Mail rehearsal dinner invites.

One to Two Weeks Out

  • Touch base with your priest and musicians.

One Day Out

  • Ceremony rehearsal.

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